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AvatarBy Amy Biasotto 9 years ago

Finding a voice in this challenging economy is akin to starting a company. Mettler Search is confident that our new venture will fulfill a need with our clients and consultants. Sure, we have trepidations about the economy picking up but are buoyed by glimmers of hope in newspapers and TV reports.

Recently, the Wall Street Journal published an article entitled “Economy Looking Up, but Caution Remains.” In 2011, the unemployment rate declined which was more indicative of people abandoning the search for work than of those finding it. Fast forward a year and the unemployment gains now reflect people actually finding jobs. Additionally, the housing market is showing signs of life and consumers are carrying less debt.

Time to break out the champagne? Not quite. It seems that economists can all agree we are not yet out of the woods but we’re getting there. We must remember the America built on hard work and dreams of a better future. We’re not exactly stepping off the boat at Ellis Island but we could use some of the confidence in a better life that our forebearers possessed. They didn’t have economists to tell them which way the wind was blowing; they simply had hope in the face of a new challenge.

Whether you are a company looking for a consultant or a consultant looking for your next gig, remember these few basic tenets that resonate in our world today:

  • stay motivated, even in the face of difficult odds.
  • utilize all technology tools, such as Linkedin, at your disposal so that you remain relevant.
  • enthusiastically approach networking.
  • embrace change.

We are finding our optimistic voice in creating Mettler Search in the 2nd quarter of 2012 and look forward to helping you find yours.

(Reference: “Economy Looking Up, but Caution Remains” by Ben Casselman and Phil Izzo, February 10, 2012)





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