‘Tis the Season

Neil MeyerBy Neil Meyer 3 years agoNo Comments

The Holiday Season is here and the inevitable question arises: “Do I get my boss a gift?” Some people consider giving the boss a gift to be tacky and could end up labeling you a suck-up by your co-workers.

So, before you splurge on a gift for your supervisor first consider whether it’s appropriate for your workplace. If you feel it is appropriate then approach your co-workers and ask them if they would like to go in on a group gift for the boss. That could be a nice way to show your appreciation without looking like a suck-up. After that, keep in mind your boss’ likes and dislikes, as a good gift by you and your co-workers can go a long way to getting in his/her good graces.

From all of us at Mettler Search, Happy Holidays!

– Neil

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