Tenure Talk

By Amy Biasotto 3 years ago
Stumbled across this blog on Indeed and thought it would be relevant to many. Job tenure has changed with the times. Our grandparents might have worked for a single company during their career. My grandfather was with Chrysler from his first job through retirement. Those days are generally long gone. As this blog states, the average duration of an employee is 7 years. Surprisingly given the poor reputation millennials have, they stay for 4 years.
As we interview candidates for permanent positions with our clients, we often delve into the reasons that they are looking outside their current companies. The three primary reasons we hear over and over again are:
1) Money. They simply aren’t being compensated at market level as their job responsibilities evolve.
2) Poor Managers. This one is huge. The company can be amazing, salary level is appropriate, career trajectory on target – but if the manager is not supportive or communicative, good employees want to move on.
3) Next Steps Defined. Many companies don’t give enough thought to the careers of their employees. The best employees will want to know what’s next. That point should be developed in annual reviews, but it often is not. Once an employee starts looking, they have checked out so it’s too late to offer them the career definition that would have kept them in the company.
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