Smile for the Camera: social media and the job hunt

By Amy Biasotto 4 years agoNo Comments

Everyone knows the old adage: a picture is worth 1000 words. As a part of the modern recruiting checklist, most recruiters and potential employers are taking a look at your social media accounts. Glassdoor had a good blog on this subject that I thought I’d comment upon.

While we are looking for the obvious red flags of over the top drinking and risqué behavior, we are also attempting to understand the person beyond the resume. Companies are now appreciating that culture is critical in attracting and keeping the best talent. Each hire can either compliment or detract from the company’s culture and mission statement. Deciding who you are as a person and ensuring each facet of your social media profile reflects that is going to be increasingly important in your job search.

When in doubt, don’t add a picture or make a comment unless someone who doesn’t know you, your life or your friends can see it and not jump to the wrong conclusion. It’s hard to unring a bell.

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