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By Amy Biasotto 2 years ago
I’ve recently spoken with several candidates new to the NYC job market, having either just graduated or landed in Gotham. While there are many similarities with a job search throughout the country, there’s a reason that “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere” is about our city.
A few tips:
1) You will complete many applications. Set yourself apart by following up with the company post submission. If a specific name isn’t given, follow the bread crumbs by looking on Linkedin and getting the name of HR as well as your best guess at the hiring manager given the role’s title. Call them.
2) If the application is online and a salary range is requested, put $1. The rationale is that computer systems reject candidates who put higher salaries than the position is offering. Stay in the game by at least having your credentials considered.
3) Ensure your resume contains the key words that are in the job description. Larger companies are sometimes using computers to flag resumes through key word searches.
4) As long as you do reside here, update your resume to list your local address. Many hiring managers don’t even consider addresses that are beyond the tri-state area because they don’t want the hassle to interview the person, the delay in their start date or the suggestion that they should foot the bill for the move.
Finally, and this goes for everyone, please use Spell Check and Grammar Check on your resumes. It’s amazing how even the most accomplished, experienced people forget to do that and look unprofessional.
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