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Not sure why but this has been the week that my colleagues and I are fielding calls from candidates who are currently in seemingly good jobs…but want OUT because they don’t feel appreciated.  I get it. You go to work every day. It needs to basically be one of your (relatively) happy places. It certainly can’t be one of your unhappy places.

Bosses have a great deal to do with your work environment being a happy place or a miserable one.
Regarding the calls we received this week, I wish I could secretly email each of their supervisors with the article written on American Express’s Open Forum about the 7 Secrets to Keeping Your Employees Happy.
As I reviewed this list, nothing stands out as terribly innovative which is comforting and dismaying. As a recruiter, I hear a lot of stories and one of the most common themes is that many bosses miss the mark on acknowledging the small and large successes of their employees.  Sometimes it only takes a comment like “great job” or “thank you” to encourage an employee.
If you are a boss, read this list and take action. Small steps may mean the difference between retaining a solid employee and losing them to one of our clients!
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