Leap into the New Year

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On January 3rd, I skipped into the office ready to conquer the world. I was thrilled to be back in the rhythm of my normal routine after almost 2 weeks off. My business partner, Carmela, on the other hand admitted that she needed a couple days to ease into it. The question is – how to keep these energy levels high?

Now we are firmly in 2019 and we are both back in the groove. The question is how to keep your energy levels high as an employee? We are in the depth of winter with nightfall arriving early each night. It’s easy to fall into a slower sloth-like pace but setting the stage to achieve early in the year will only serve you well.

Here are a few ideas:

1)      Exercise. Get the blood flowing.

2)      Eat Healthy and drink water. You knew that already.

3)      Take breaks during the work day.  Stand up. Move. Free your mind from a single focus. Smell the flowers. Then get back to the task at hand.

4)      Clean up! Studies have shown that a messy desk diminishes productivity.

5)      Laugh with your colleagues. Yes, you are there to work but if you laugh together, you are more apt to enjoy the day. You are a team.

This was a great article Energy at Work that expounds on these ideas. In fact, I thought the breakdown of which chronotype you are to be particularly interesting. Once you identify with a certain one, you can adjust your schedule accordingly and increase productivity.

2019 here we come!

– Amy

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