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AvatarBy Amy Biasotto 9 years ago

We are being barraged by bad news on the economic recovery. The jobs report released on Friday, June 1 confirmed persistent fears that the recovery has slowed to a crawl and indicated that a global slowdown is well underway. Per the New York Times article, “Worst U.S. Job Data in a Year Signals Stalling Recovery,” it is difficult for economists to explain away a third consecutive month of descending job numbers and that this unfortunately indicates a third stalled recovery after short term increases.

It is understandable to feel defeated by the latest news if you are pounding the pavement to find a job. This is the time to double your efforts, though. There are jobs out there and you only need one of them. Therefore, here are a few reminders of different avenues to find that one opportunity:

  • Network. This is not the time to be humble. Come up with a short introduction to your skills and the value you can bring to the lucky employer who decides to hire you. Write it out and find a way to say it so that it rolls off your tongue naturally.
  • Create opportunities to market yourself, whether it is through Linkedin updates or by reaching out to former colleagues.
  • Join Accounting or Finance clubs in your area.
  • Read the newspapers diligently to understand which companies are growing. Proactively network to identify which of your contacts works at these companies directly or has links to them.
  • Check the online job boards and apply. Don’t stop there. Go back to your network and once again, find out who works there or who might know people who do. Try that angle to differentiate your application.

Finally, this economic slowdown is bound to reverse and hopefully, if you follow the suggestions above and have a bit of luck, you will have gotten a job long before it does. You simply need one job.





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