It is what it is – or is it?

Carmela CannavoBy Carmela Cannavo 3 years ago

Recently, I was watching an episode of a great TV series. In this episode, they were discussing ways to attract a new audience, specifically, the newest generation of Corporate America, the Millenials. The comment that stuck most in my mind was “we need to let go of all things old and embrace the new”; voicemails are becoming passé, emails are on their way to extinction and texting is the best way of dialogue. Being of a generation that joined Corporate America before the millennial era, I appreciate the insight and heads up. On a similar topic, ​I have ​been reading ​an increasing number of ​posts and articles on​ the overuse (and growing in number) ​of ​corporate jargons. Irritating Business Cliches At first these cliches seemed catchy and had ​some degree of impact. ​As of late, they have become all consuming and just plain irritating. ​ ​​Just as companies are changing their culture and stepping up on employee offerings (coaches, smart phones, ​continuous education, ​flexible schedules, etc.) in order to attract and maintain the newest and largest generation (aka​.​ millenials) in the workforce, we of prior generations need to also learn to “let ​it ​go​“. ​

I, for one, am on board for communicating in a straightforward manner. (Not) to use another cliche “say what you mean and mean what you say” would be quite a refreshing approach. And of course, I will also focus on texting with “less punctuation”.

Good Talk.


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