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In the modern age of technology, businesses are doing more with less. And less usually means less employees. Those employees have more responsibilities, meaning you can’t afford to have a weak link. But in an age of technology, automated customer service and fewer employees having more responsibilities, it becomes even more important not only for Cross Training but for every employee to understand what every other employees responsibilities are. Nothing is more frustrating for a customer than being transferred from department to department and not getting answers to simple questions because employees decide it’ not in their job description to answer those questions.

A new approach to this is called “I’m Every Department”. It is more than just cross-training one employee to help when someone is sick or on vacation. It is providing every employee with a basic understanding of the company, business and what each departments functions and responsibilities are. Giving your employees the tools to answer basic questions customers have may save future headaches and provide your customers with a level of satisfaction they have not experienced before. This will lead to customer retention and an ability to obtain new customers through word of mouth and increased sales.

With minimal training “I’m Every Department” has the ability to foster new lines of communication within your organization, provide opportunities for streamlining functions and allows employees greater ownership and responsibility of company performance. And the value added to customers is one of those intangible asset that we are looking for in not only running a business but when you are a customer. Too many times we silo our employees by only asking them to perform the functions for which they were hired. This can add a level of frustration not only for the clients but also the employees. This forces every employee to think outside their box and understand the business and why they are doing what they are doing, which can also lead to a greater employee satisfaction. As studies have shown us, customer satisfaction is tied to employee satisfaction. When running your business, consider an “I’m every department” approach.

At Mettler Search, we care about our clients’ business.

– Neil

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