Holiday Party Time!

By Neil Meyer 7 years ago

So this is the time of year for the Holiday Party. Time to let loose with your co-workers, relax and have some fun. After all, it has been a long year and everyone worked hard. This is the one time the company is paying for you to have fun so you’re thinking ‘I am going to make the most of it’.

Think Again! The Holiday Party is not a college frat party. This is a business party and despite the booze you are expected to conduct yourself in a very professional manner, as you would at all business functions. One needs to remember, not everyone at the party is a close friend who came to your wedding or with whom you hang out on Fridays. This is a party everyone attends and you are being judged by supervisors and peers. The impression you leave can have long term consequences.

Also, use this opportunity to network with supervisors not only in your group but as an introduction to other groups. Your next position could come from someone attending the party and as we all know, it’s not what you know but who you know.  Keeping the right state of mind during these conversations as well as remembering them to be used to build future connections could be a way for you to gain entry to the executive suites.

My suggestion this holiday season is to save the drunken debauchery for your new years celebrations, and practice restraint and moderation at the company holiday party. Remember these types of functions are a valuable opportunity to show the higher ups that you are responsible and as such, are ready for a larger role within the company.








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