Girl Power

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Given that International Women’s Day is celebrated today – March 8, I began to think about female bosses and colleagues with whom I’ve worked over the years. Many have been smart, strong, understanding, thoughtfully critical, and ultimately fantastic people. I count many as friends years later.  My experience has almost always been positive as they served as mentors and champions to guide my career.

Not always, of course. One former dotted-line boss drove me out of a company by grilling me in weekly project status meetings, to the point where people approached me after the meeting commenting about how I was being held to a significantly higher standard. She was one of the reasons I sought employment elsewhere as I didn’t feel valued. After giving notice, she asked to take me to lunch and explained that she was disappointed I was leaving as she saw so much potential in me. Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather.

I share that experience to hopefully reach all women who are in a position to guide the careers of women following us.  Not only does the motivation have to be there, but the support should be obvious to everyone.  We are lucky to live in these modern times where we have more options than schoolteacher, nurse or secretary. My mother reminds me of this fact often as she hit many glass ceilings in the 60’s. Those ceilings still exist but we are banding together in a more unified way to pull each other up the ranks. Let’s continue the progress.

In fact, Mettler Search is owned by me and my business partner, Carmela. We are a thriving women owned company. Thank you to all the women who came before us and paved the way. Girl Power!

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