Friend or foe: the recruiter relationship

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There isn’t a platform like Match or e-Harmony to partner recruiters with candidates. It is an important relationship to get right, though, and one that can span years and several jobs. Many mistakenly approach their relationship with recruiters as adversarial. After having been on both sides – partnering with recruiters to find a job as well as being one, I can appreciate all perspectives.

Here are a few tips on how to select your recruiter and successfully engage them:
– Do your homework before accepting an interview with a recruiter. Like in all industries, there are a few bad apples who ruin it for everyone else. Go to the website of the agency and ensure that it is clear and professional. No reputable recruiter will ask for money for services.
– During the interview where the focus will inevitably be on your experience, recognize that you are within your right to interview the recruiter as well. Ask about their practices regarding sending your resume to companies without your knowledge. Some people are comfortable with that while others want to understand where they are being presented. Ask what industries and company size they typically work with to ensure it aligns with your goals.
– Information. Withholding key information about your experience, salary history or your dream career move will only undermine your relationship and possibly hinder your ability to get the open position.
– If you have anything that will appear on a background check, proactively share with your recruiter. Getting ahead of any red flags on the background check is critical to officially being offered the role.
– Recognize that the relationship is not solely the responsibility of the recruiter. The squeaky wheel gets the oil. Those candidates who continue to follow up every few weeks are the ones we naturally think of first when an opportunity with a client arises.
– Recruiters should return every call and email, as is the case with every professional. I have heard too many times to count that this is not the case. It is frustrating to those of us who are diligent about maintaining relationships.

The crux of this blog is that you are in control of selecting the right recruiters to accurately represent you in the market. If you don’t trust that they are doing that with your best interests in mind, simply move on to a recruiter who will. There are plenty of recruiters in the New York market.

At Mettler Search, we are proud of our client and candidate relationships often spanning years.

– Amy

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