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My AHA! Moment

Recently my 5 year old son came home with his official school pictures. As his mom I obviously thought he looked absolutely adorable and quite handsome and all grown up. When I shared these pictures with family and friends, they all commented the same. What was it about this picture that made him look so different? Then as I continued to look, more closely this time, I had my AHA! Moment.  His body language!  His posture. He was sitting upright with his shoulders back. His head was erect. He was looking directly into the camera.  His smile, sincere.

Our body language says so much about us. It is the window to who we are…how we are seen and hope to be seen by others.

Slouching, lack of eye contact, not smiling, all these send a message to our audience…a message that can negatively impact our personal lives, as well as our careers.

So, the next time you are in an important meeting or an interview for your dream job,  take a moment. Be aware of your body language. It  may very well weigh heavily on the outcome of that very important encounter.

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